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Black Mustang LX Coupe


Black Mustang LX Coupe - Re-Paint of a mostly original and un-molested LX Coupe...the hardest color to get 'straight', job well done!

This car came in decently straight with only minor body work needed, however, the paint was in poor shape.

Our repairs included fixing all of the factory 'waves' in the common fox body areas such as around the door handles, the rear quarter to roof seams, etc.

We also painted under the hood and all of the jambs.

Lastly, we replaced the headliner, installed new carpet, trim, headlights, and door handles.

These pics are with a poor quality camera in bad light, but you can see how straight and slick the paint turned out. Unfortunately, the pics were also taken before all of the trim and lights had arrived.


 Another happy customer! 

What's New at RockWorx Auto Body?

After a lot of hard work and long days, the 1991 Bimini Blue Mustang is almost complete! We've done everything from paint and body, interior, suspension, to brakes and engine rebuild. This has been a well rounded project that is almost done. A few final touches and she's off to tuning. Keep checking back for completed pics!