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93 coupe

this is a 93 coupe 5.0 5 speed car and its story is as follows we are going through this car from front to back

we are really excited about this car its a great start ! clean and no rust ! cant wait to get started its getting a total make over with a shave ,new engine he hasnt said what it is yet but i think he has one built and ready just waiting on us ,has tubular k member now ,non power rack ,black interior to guys ,car gets striped and painted under the bottom to !

so here is the start and we will keep you posted on the progress as it comes

car is with its owner again and we hope to be getting it back soon for the paint and body outside !!

after many hours under this car taking off the undercoating wow what a job!

 well here you go some pics before assymbly but i think the owner will be happy with this !


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RockWorx recently added onto their shop, so we've got room to fix your ride! Need a paint job done this winter to make sure your car is ready for Spring cruising? Want to swap that worn out v8 for a new fire breathing small block? Did you have a fender bender and need a high quality repair? Give us a call or email!