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1991 Mustang LX Coupe


1991 Mustang LX Coupe - Bimini Blue repaint with minor rust repair, body work, and underhood shaving.
Proof Positive that RockWorx does MORE than just paint and body. Engine install, Brake Conversions, Suspension work - you name it, we can tackle it!


This car started off as a pretty straight little coupe that had a decent shine. If it wasn't for the minor rust issues and a white gel-coated decklid that didn't match, the owner probably never would've painted it. However, being a rare Bimini Blue on Black 5.0 Coupe, the owner wanted to make sure the rust never had a chance to progress so that this one would survive.

The project quickly turned from a simple paint job, to much more. Due to a minor head gasket leak, the owner wanted to pull the engine, clean it all up, and put it back in. Since the engine was out, we decided to go ahead and shave and clean the engine bay. We may as well put a better engine back in as well, right? RockWorx led the way in the rebuild and install of a nice little 306 with a custom ground Bullet Cam, GT40Y Aluminum Heads, GT40 Intake, etc. The newly shaved and painted engine bay sure looks nice with the engine setting in it....but those wires needed to be hidden! So, they were. Here are some pictures of the process and the progress...lots of work, but it sure looks nice when it's done!



 Then it was time to clean up and install the engine with all of the new goodies on it. Bracketry and accessories were all painted to give everything that fresh look.




While working on the engine bay, RockWorx also got to work on the exterior body work and painting. Here's some pics of the car at various stages...including it's current state. Some of the minor rust was repaired. The door pillars on these fox body cars are notorious for having rust due to the fact that Ford did not prime or paint between the door hinges and the pillar. This car had some minor rust forming, but nothing major. It cleaned up nicely!


Some minor previous body work was ground out, and the metal was pulled to prevent having to use too much filler. Just a thin skim coat to cover the minor imperfections from the tools used.





After the bodywork and prep was all done, RockWorx laid out some fresh new K3 Bimini Blue Pearl Metallic on it. This is ALL BEFORE any buffing. Nice!




The previous owner was going to paint this car black...and because of this, he pulled out all of the interior and painting everything underneath black. Due to the fact that the interior was out anyway, RockWorx wanted to make sure the previous owner wasn't hiding any rust issues with this black paint. It ended up being solid as a rock, so we went ahead and re-coated it with a layer of POR.


The trunk had some minor surface rust that was scuffed out, killed with acid, and then we re-coated it as well. The floors/trunk in this car are solid as a rock so no major work was needed.



Let's not forget that the added 'GO' power requires added 'WHOA' power. Problem solved by way of a set of 13" Cobra front brakes, 94/95 spindle conversion, and a cobra rear disc conversion utilizing the stock fox track width to tuck those 18"x10" FR500 wheels and meats.

The car now needs a new stance - How about Steeda Sport Springs all around with a set of Tokico Blues? No problem for RockWorx! We'll be adding these soon!

The car has come a long ways, and is 90% complete. The '01 leather seats are installed, the interior is complete(Pics to Follow), and the powertrain is ready for tuning at Speedy's Dyno. A few minor gap and alignment checks, trim installation, and a final cut/buff/detail...and she'll be on her way to the dyno. Another job well done by RockWorx, and another soon-to-be satisfied customer.


ihad to add this picture its just the best

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