RockWorx Auto Body

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1990 coupe silver

This is a 90 coupe with a great body to start with and started life as a 4 cylinder, but has big plans for a v-8 auto swap !

it  was light  titanium frost ! I love that color but now its silver, code  yn ford silver we sprayed this with Spies hecker paint and clear that

really worked out nice for us and the customer because the look and workability was awesome !

This car was just fixed for a driver, not a show and go.

We painted this car at 12:30 and buy 3:30 it was sanded,buffed and ready to go home . I really liked the product we used it will  be something you see in our shop alot more !

What's New at RockWorx Auto Body?

After a lot of hard work and long days, the 1991 Bimini Blue Mustang is almost complete! We've done everything from paint and body, interior, suspension, to brakes and engine rebuild. This has been a well rounded project that is almost done. A few final touches and she's off to tuning. Keep checking back for completed pics!